Welcome to HOMEWORLDWIKI! It is our intention to create a very good wiki, dedicated to the Homeworld series of games, initially made by Relic and Barking Dog, and recently (with the exception of Cataclysm) relaunched by GearBox.

To further enhance this site and make the content and functionality discussion as open as possible, I (Homdax) have opened a Discord Channel. Please feel free to use this link to get there HomeworldlWiki Discord.

This Wiki is made by Homeworld fans, for Homeworld fans. The games exist since 1999, we have a pretty vast span in time to cover, 1999 to 2015, and beyond :-). A huge amount of the content will be Modding oriented, basic and advanced. We aim to bring in sections which contain information and guides for absolute beginners, as well as discussions about advanced topics.

Supported Games

Well, it's Homeworld, right? The one and only, no? Sadly, or rather, fortunately, that is no longer true, since 2015 the launch of Gearbox's acclaimed Remastered versions of the games Homeworld and Homeworld 2, and continued patching of the games and the development of Mod tools for them, puts us in the situation where we have to choose; either we make an effort to support the “Classic” versions up to 2015, or we go for what is current. And current it is.

There is no denying the awesomeness of Gearbox's work with Remastered and the revitalisation of the Modding community this has brought. Hence we focus on Remastered in the Homeworld and Homeworld 2 sections.

Please note that this does not include the Gearbox “Classic” editions.

The most obvious categories are the games themselves, information will be sorted accordingly, basic content related to all games will be placed in a figurative “root” and specific info pertaining to one game, in its own category. It will obviously be a bit of a mess as we take off, but this must be a common goal.

This is a Homeworld site. The layout will be adapted in several ways, yet I also see that this particular Theme/Template/Style has some nice features that I will keep, so do not expect any big changes in presentation, only in colours and graphics.

* * *

Remember, this is a community effort. We all do what we can, when we can, has always been a “motto” of mine. Do not expect immediate results, have patience, find out what you can do to contribute. / Homdax

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